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Time Bomb (DreamWorks)
by Scott Hefflon

Much it's admittedly rooted in not having discovered them before being told I was supposed to like them (and the fact that they're supposed to shine light on the real bands workin' the same terrain, yet they swagger in the limelight like they invented it), I dislike Buckcherry for being third or fourth generation glam-inbred rock and pretty goddamn uninteresting at that. Over half the record is sleepy, and the good tunes'd get their asses kicked by mediocre output by G'NR or Aerosmith, and probably even half-decent strutters like Extreme (lotta likeness there, by the way), so even the "good" songs are only good in comparison to today's limp noddle rock. I'll take the sweaty, dangerous stuff over this safe crap any day, and yeah girls, there're a lot of cute guys in those bands just waiting for you to feed them. Among other things. (Grudgingly I have to applaud Buckcherry for their cover of Dramarama's "Anything, Anything" for the Road Trip soundtrack. While it probably wasn't their idea - snarl, gotta save some face here - I've been looking for that song since '87, never knowing who did it or more than a few verses, and thanks to them and Napster, I now have a few different versions of it.)


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