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Blind Dog

The Last Adventures of Captain Dog (MeteorCity)
by Craig Regala

Hard and heavy first offering from a combo who sits at the table between the orthodox post-Kyuss reality of groove-riding molten metal and regenerated kickass rock. They name-check the first 'Tull record in the liner notes (it's called This Was). Hmmm... For exposition's sake, tag it a signifier. What it points to is a consciousness of the roots of classic rock's melding of folk/blues/r&b/country wedded to electronic volume, teenage hysteria, and a general physical response to music. So the roots of this disc are as much in the fertile early '70s pre-metal hard rock of Captain Beyond, The Who, early Zeppelin, Bloodrock, Frijid Pink, Randy Holden, and Hendrix as anything. Not that it sounds like that stuff, but the compositional methodology uses the pacing, space and approach to suitable effect as it moves from cruiser to crusher weight and back. Dynamics give the music much more impact as does a good singer who never overdoes it, but maintains a strong presence. The recording sounds great, clear, natural and timeless.

Actual peerage would include Roachpowder and early Monster Magnet as well as Nebula Earthride, sHeavy, Spiritual Beggars, Mammoth Volume, Acrimony, and Core. Adventures... itself is pretty good, the tunes are OK and the playing/recording is strong. The quiet/reflective parts set up and move into the hammer down/riff onslaught in a way I thought Metallica was going to do post-Black Album instead of the watery wandering and phoned in simplicity we got. I hear nothing that's going to break them out from the pack, but Jesus, wouldn't you like to have 'em as your boys?
(PO Box 40322 Albuquerque, NM 87196)

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