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One King Down/Adamantion

One King Down/Adamantion

Gravity Wins Again (Equal Vision)
by Tim Den

Metalcore has become so predictable that when any unit succeeds in breaking my expectations just a tiny bit, it feels like a miracle. "What, they don't just chug their guitars non-stop and snort like shitting pigs? I can't 100% predict what comes next (only 95%) after this piss-ass of a riff? What next, Ralph Nader wins the popular vote?" With that said, Throwdown and Adamantion are two bands that play this sort of stuff with just enough trickiness that I don't utterly despise them. Yeah, they like their breakdowns and their Metal Zone pedals too much, but they copy the heavy-hitters with enough of their own conviction to make it work. Throwdown is apparently going for the Indecision thing (ha ha, how funny — sounding like Indecision and on Indecision Records. Ha ha ha... I crack myself up), while Adamantion is striving for Sons of Abraham. Translation: Some dabbling of noisecore is present, but not enough to pull their identities away from what they really are. Decent, and at least not as predictable as One King Down.

One King Down, some of you might remember (or not), have never been good. To get a sense of what they sound like, go back to the quote in the beginning of this piece and eliminate the "don't" and change the "can't" to "can always." And after eliminating the parenthetical sucker punch (which is obviously of no use in this, my latest, rant) and the (poor, if I do say so myself) Ralph Nader comparison (it's late, I'm tired, I just listened to a shitload of fuckin' awful hardcore CDs. Waddaya want!?), add a final statement of "except it's not so much 'snorting pig.' More like a teenager being molested." Make any necessary grammatical adjustments yourself.

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