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The Presidents

Freaked Out and Small (Music Blitz)
by Scott Hefflon

How times change, eh? After three major label records and more instantly-recognizable singles than you'd think (including covers of the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star" for The Wedding Singer and Ian Hunter's "Cleveland Rocks" for Drew Carey Show), The Presidents dropped the clunky rest of their moniker (Of The United States Of America, for those with very short attention spans), returned to indie labeldom, and record a record of pure loose'n'lively pop. Aspiring toward Lou Reed's habit (no, not that one) of recording a song before really learning it, Freaked Out and Small has a real flair for giddy, unself-conscious pleasure. Zippy at times, frolicy and playful at others, a bit obvious in the influences lifted (smell The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Lou Reed, as well as cowpunk and '70s stoner drone mixed with modisms I can't peg and don't want to), this record is a breath of fresh air in a time of carefully planned stardom.

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