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The Mushroom River Band

Music for the World Beyond (MeteorCity)
by Craig Regala

Dunno what current bikers listen to, but if their cultural mix and demographic has maintained the past thirty years, I'd say this, The Atomic Bitchwax and Fu Manchu would fill the tank. The singer, Spice, also does time in Spiritual Beggars, whose three LPs of tightened-up Mountain/Mahogany Rush/Hendrix-fueled gunk are further streamlined here to eat away at the divide between the rocker punk bands (Electric Frankenstein, for one) and the rocker stoner doom bands (Orange Goblin). The tunes are OK, the playing flawless, and the recording shakes a leg. Another band who could open for Monster Magnet and win over a bunch of those fellas' fans. If I could pick a couple covers for 'em, I'd say, Trowers' "Day Of The Eagle" and the Cult's "Love Removal Machine." Or the real Cult's (the Blue Öyster one) "E.T.I." Any track on Music For... would fit nicely on the Inhale comp Spitfire just plapped out.
(PO Box 40322 Albuquerque, NM 87196)

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