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The Movielife

This Time Next Year (Revelation)
by Tim Den

What sets The Movielife apart from the recent surge of emo-ish punk bands (Saves The Day, New Found Glory, Fenix, TX... you know, good bands [please note sarcasm]) is that they add a healthy portion of hardcore to their repertoire. A bit of youth crew gang vocals here, a splash of Lifetime melodies there, a crapload of power chords everywhere makes for quite a punch. It actually keeps you distracted from the fact that almost every young band these days tries to sound like this, only wussier so they can pick up sluts. But for some reason I feel The Movielife is less interested in playing the sensitive punk rocker than ripping it up. Go beat the hell out of those other bands, guys.
(PO Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)


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