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Deathforlorn (Demolition)
by Paul Lee

Does the world need another above-average death metal band like Norway's Scariot? No, the metal market has too many great ones already. This fivesome is comprised of members who've played with black metal bands like Carpathian Forest and Satyricon. Even though they're fairly sharp at letting loose riffs, they come across as a second-rate Gardenian and don't rank in the same category as In Flames or The Haunted. Since I've been so spoiled by all the superior Swedish bands, Scariot barely stand a chance of ever seeing the inside of my disc player. Though Deathforlorn is by no means a pointless album, Scariot need a huge dose of that mysterious creative metal element that eludes the thousands of bands just like them.
(PO.Box 62 Jarrow NE38 5WJ, England)

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