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The Nudes (Polyvinyl)
by Tim Den

This is instrumental tapestry at its best. Joining the fine league that contains Aloha and American Football, Pele has outdone themselves with The Nudes: a crosswalk between jazz, intellectually exercised (and often purposely withheld) melody, and improvised conversation amongst rock instruments. Subtle yet seductive, The Nudes first intrigues then impresses, drawing the listener deeper and deeper in to see what tricks it comes up with next. Sometimes, you can almost hear the surprise coming... but you still wait for it. And when it hits, the relief is only matched by the broad grin on your pleasured face. While the complexity of it all might throw the average listener off, giving The Nudes time to play out all of its intricacies can be rewarding. Each spin reveals some new cavern, or unexplored passage of syncopations and harmonies. The entire process seeks out the warmth in your blood and heats it up a few degrees, making you tranquil yet not complacent (because the music keeps your head spinning). Wonderful.
(PO Box 1885 Danville, IL 61834)

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