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Giving Birth to a Stone (Vile Beat)
by Scott Hefflon

Sole full-length by Tool bassist Justin Chancellor's former band. And it sounds it. The bass rules, the songs are kinda limp/faux arty alternarock (like early Jane's Addiction, only, ya know, not transcending the suck threshold) with enough trippy space rock and unenthusiastic vocal delivery (I keep thinking of that dreary cover of "Rock On," one of the most inappropriately named songs ever) to make me wanna puke in my soup. Best thing about Peach is the bass work, and now that he's in Tool, there's no need for this unless you want to collect every unworthy scrap of sonic poop Justin Chancellor hasn't yet been able to track down and destroy.
(PO Box 42462 Washington, DC 20015)

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