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"O": Volume 1 (E-Magine)
by Scott Hefflon

Remember that scene in The Fifth Element where that blue chick sang and you wondered why electronica jerk-offs didn't take the hint and mix opera divas and dance beats more often? Like when you first heard Dead Can Dance or Enigma and realized what world music and dance music could be, and you were spoiled rotten to the rest of the bozos forever after... Well, while much of the 55 minutes here either sounds like Star Trek warble or classical, um, classical, there's nice '80s-style retro kitch and drum'n'bass jauntiness with all sorts of "Ave Maria"-isms and the like billowing over the top. This is the first in the series and features Maureen O'Flynn as spotlighted sopranoist and Lord Vanger as programmer/producer.
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