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I've Been Everywhere (Suburban Home)
by Scott Hefflon

Oh, it's a tribute record to all the bands they've toured with and stuff (too punk to write a bio for yer records, eh?). Anyone who knows the Nobodys knows that they suck, often rubbing up against genius in a lewd and probably illegal way, but genius is a slut anyway... So there are moments here that'll propel you forward, shouting your own personal battlecry ("Yahoo!," "Hot Diggety!," Spoon!" or whathaveyou), and others'll clunk loudly, like that time one of the beers fell out of the rolled-up jacket you were trying to casually leave the house with as your parents watched TV. My faves are covers of The Queers' "Monster Zero" and the Oi!, motherfucker! of Guttermouth's "High Balls." but I knew I was gonna like them best anyway. Other bands covered: Sick'n'Tired, Digger, Gotohells, Jughead's Revenge, Automatics, Pinhead Circus, and Chixdiggit. And the bonus of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" rivals their cover of "We Go Together" as the wildest, most manic great/shitty joke song/cover you've ever heard.
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