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Neurosis | Sovereign | review | metal | Lollipop


Sovereign (Neurot)
by Paul Lee

There's cause to celebrate - waving your spear and whirling around a bonfire. It's the arrival of another piece of primal sonic art from extreme music deities Neurosis. It may only be a four-song EP but it clocks in at thirty minutes of tribal thunder and melodic hypnotic vibes. You can also download 17 more minutes of music (four more songs) from the Neurosis website. It goes without saying that the musical might on this puppy will satiate all who seek the wisdom and primitive thunder of these Cali monsters. It's compelling music with all the crushing guitars and heavy-as-hell drums and rhythm section that parallel the tectonic forces of the earth you'd expect. Add to the massive music an impressive interactive multimedia program that replicates some of the psychedelic visuals Neurosis use in their shows and you have one of the heaviest and most fascinating releases of 2000.
(PO Box 410209 San Francisco, CA 94141)


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