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Malevolent Creation | Envenomed | review | metal | Lollipop

Malevolent Creation

Envenomed (Pavement)
by Tim Den

I don't know why I fall for this stuff every time. Even though Malevolent Creation ceases to progress beyond the usual blastbeat/mosh-breakdown-part combination, I still find myself loyal to every record they put out. Call it nostalgia, call it the last remaining shreds of Hessian ignorant loyalty left in me, whatever... I'm gonna blast Envenomed like it's '92 and tell myself that even though this record sounds just like the last one, has average production values (the bass is barely audible this time, unlike the last album where it was completely unheard), and all the songs blend into one another (most of 'em faster than anything Malevolent has done in a while), I still love this shit. For the rest of you, two words: Retribution and Eternal.
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