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Linea 77 & 3rd Root

Linea 77 & 3rd Root

Too Much Happiness... Makes Kids Paranoid (Earache)
by Tim Den

Two pretty decent additions to the nü metal family, the difference between them being one is Italian and very aggressive and the other Christian and much more mellow. Linea 77 pummels, grunts, and hammers down everything in its sight, wreaking much havoc with their Thor-like distortion. 3rd Root, on the other hand, sing about being "saved" in quiet whispers (sometimes bursting into screams) driven by Latin percussive undertones, a characteristic not unlike those of P.O.D. or Sepultura (bands who also have a Latin heritage). An interesting observation: it's great to see bands embracing their ethnicity. Linea 77 sing some of their songs in Italian, while 3rd Root proudly wave a San Diego/Latino flag in their rhythms. Heavy music has become a genre incorporating worldliness, and bands like these are helping to take it further each day.
(43 West 38th St. New York, NY 10018; PO Box 12698 Seattle, WA 98111)

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