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Kill Your Idols

Kill Your Idols

No Gimmicks Needed (Blackout!)
by Tim Den

You just can't fake the funk... or in this case, true punk roots. Both Burning Heads and Kill Your Idols have been around the block more times than New Schoolers change their baggy pants in one day, so don't even front. Both these bands pack quite an urban/ down'n'dirty vibe with their fast-paced assault, pushing them power chords and polka beats to the limit. But both also occasionally dip their toes into the pool marked "Dangerous! Contains Elements Beyond Strict Hardcore Confines! Fatal to Purists!", coming up with light-hearted bounces (Burning Heads) and textured riffs (Kill Your Idols). The authenticity of both bands is really hard to miss, and'll no doubt make believers out of both Tribe Elders and the infants.

(PO Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614, PO Box 1575 New York, NY 10009)  

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