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Are You My Lionkiller? (Deep Elm)
by Tim Den

The only thing as mediocre as the performances here would be vocalist Rory Phillips' contributions to The Stereo's debut. Granted, he had an excuse with that one — since pretty much everyone sounds like shit compared to Jamie Woolford — but not with Imbroco. Especially not when ex-Mineral guitarist Scott McCarver, ex-Mineral and present Pop Unknown drummer Gabe Wiley, and Pop Unknown guitarist (bassist here) Matt Breedlove are all involved. What went wrong? This record is trite, contrived, and about as uninspired as emo gets. Lazy without intending to be lazy and without the charm with which Pavement made slacking so seductive. This is table scraps from emo's back alley.
(PO Box 36939 Charlotte, NC 28236)  

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