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Dying Fetus | Destroy the Opposition | review | metal | Lollipop

Dying Fetus

Destroy the Opposition (Relapse)
by Tim Den

Having previously seen these guys tear it up live, I have to say I've gotten over the hilarious moniker and succumbed to Dying Fetus' maniacal death/grind/hardcore assault with Destroy the Opposition. Damn these guys are ferocious. Always technical, always "scary scary" with the two-vocal approach (one sounding like a grotesque demon, the other sounding like a grotesque demon in need of Pepto Bismol), Dying Fetus set themselves apart by being catchy and heavy at the same time. It's not conventionally toe-tapping material, but it's practically AOR radio for death metal heads. Thought Seasons in the Abyss had hooks? Imagine it at the Malevolent Creation-meets-Suffocation level and you've got a good idea of what this band's all about. Personally, there's nothing I love more than a speeding grind riff that's catchier than a Christmas carol (to these ears, at least) followed by a lethal breakdown. Dying Fetus' got a barrel of 'em, so bring over the chestnuts and roast them over the corpse fire.
(PO Box 2060 Upper Darby, PA 19082)  

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