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Dreadful Shadows | Cycle | review | goth | Lollipop

Dreadful Shadows

The Cycle (SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

Long, mostly slow-moving (good for over-dramatic sex after a bottle of Nyquil), deep-voiced male Goth (like Type O Negative only less metal, for those who know even less about this stuff than me) with "Queen of Goth" Gitane de Mone (ex-Christian Death) adding vocals to every other song or so. This sounds a lot less, ya know, dark '80s synth pop, and I believe that's considered quite a selling point. Then again, I'm admittedly from the Cradle of Filth and Borknagar quadrent of blackness, so it's all a bit post-Lost Boys to me. Light a candle and pet the flesh, my pretties...

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