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...Come Bursting Out! (Gearhead)
by Scott Hefflon

Stripped barer than the Hellacopters, less glam than the Backyard Babies, less greaser than The Yo-Yo's, yet nice and dirty, thanks to Tomas Skogsburg (he does mostly metal, so other than the Hellacopters, Glucifer and maybe Entombed, I'll lose ya if I start to rattle off credits), you kinda know what yer in for here. "Demons" could open for any of the aforementioned, and I'll bet plenty of people'd get mashed if they were up close to the stage. While I'm not gonna memorize all their lyrics quite yet, I'd show up in time to see 'em (and get a good place at the bar).
(PO Box 421219 San Francisco, CA 94142)  

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