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Ashtray Babyhead | Radio | review | indie | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Ashtray Babyhead

Radio (Glue Factory)
by Scott Hefflon

It's kind of a shame that "that sound" is automatically called "Weezer-esque" when a lot of bands do it really, really well. Ashtray Babyhead use keyboards, big, fuzzy guitars, monster hooks, and that roll-over Weezer thing sparingly, and the result is power pop at its finest. They've played with The Ultimate Fakebook, The Get Up Kids, Local H, and, yes, Weezer, yet they have some kinda Little Rock, AR influence no matter what they dabble in, so the results are distinctly their own. Check this out and know that, unless they get all rock-starred out like so many of their brethren, the future's in good hands.
(PO Box 404 Redondo Beach, CA 90277)

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