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Taste the Hate | metal | review | compilation | Lollipop

Taste the Hate

Part One (Demolition)
by Scott Hefflon

Never heard of the label (this is their fourth release, I think), never heard of any of the bands, and almost every band spells their name "metal," as in changing a couple letters (preferably to something pointy) and posing for photos that look like "The Workshop Band." You know the stereotypes... And while a lot of the stuff here is dated, poorly-produced, or the kinda juvenile shit bands pump out in their garage before they learn how to do something other than adapt another band's style badly, a couple of the bands have some real zing. I don't know which cuz there's no track listing and I can't tell what anyone's screeching. With a little time to tighten their craft (and get better production) a couple of these bands have what it takes to starve to death with the big boys! I like songs/the idea of songs one, four, six, nine, ten, and the "dirty rock" of song eight. If you can find out who did 'em, keep yer eye on 'em. In no particular order: Hatred, Wykked Wytch, Atomkraft, Veil of Sorrow, Heresiarh.


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