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Sing a Song for You | Tribute to Tim Buckley | review | compilation | Lollipop

Sing a Song for You

Tribute to Tim Buckley (Manifesto)
by Tim Den

Wonder where Jeff Buckley got his genes? Some might know of his father, the late underground folk hero Tim Buckley, but I bet there aren't many of you. Tim B. was the kind of songsmith who invented and perfected the solo acoustic thing. He wrote the book on serene melodies, sentimental verses, and paved the way for the likes of Elliott Smith. Now, he's finally getting some credit. Everyone from Mark Lanegan, to Dot Allison, Mojave 3, and Brendan Perry (of Dead Can Dance) show up here to give tribute to the man who, like his son, died so young (ODed in '75) but influenced so many. The songs themselves are magical enough to have 17 different artists cover them (over two CDs) and not sound a bit disappointing compared to the originals, which is saying a lot for the man who penned them and the choice of cover artists/songs. Tram's "Once I Was" and Moose's "Sing a Song for You" especially spark a new kind of glory in these timeless songs, but every tune covered sounds like a radiant ressurection. Give in to it. Others paying respects: Simon Raymonde and Anneli Drecker, The Friendly Science Orchestra, Shelleyan Orphan, Mike Johnson, Cousteau, Heather Duby, Geneva, Lilys, The Mad Scene, Neil Halstead, The Czars.
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