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Runnin' On Fumes!

The Gearhead Magazine Singles Compilation (Gearhead)
by Jon Sarre

Since I've never bothered to read Gearhead, I was unaware that they usedta give away split singles with the thing. Not just any singles either, but good records, with good bands playin' good songs, hell, often times unavailable anywhere else (shades of the SubPop Singles of the Month Club?)! Luckily, for clueless morons like me who could care less for a magazine I don't write for, they've collected all ten of the things on one CD. Sure beats havin' to track down all the things separately, 'specially since they offer snazzy combos like Gas Huffer & Supercharger (number one, as it stands, with both bands doin' Rezilllos covers for some reason and, as a bonus, possibly the shittiest-sounding Supercharger song ever!), Clawhammer & Red Aunts (raunchy, bluesy Aunts vs fast'n'screechy Aunts), the Fastbacks (doin' three UK Subs covers) & the Meices (doin' one fuzzy Sonics cover), Girl Trouble & the Monomen (Kickin' out the Jams, Motherfuckers!), Chrome & Man or Astroman?, Southern Culture on the Skids & the Untamed Youth, the Groovie Ghoulies & the Donnas (dueling Sweet covers!), the Melvins & the Cosmic Psychos, Mudhoney & Davie Allan & the Arrows (for the "Biker" issue) and Rocket From the Crypt & the Hellacopters. Then they stopped doin' the singles, so is Gearhead still worth buyin'? Draw yer own conclusions.


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