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Might As Well Cant Dance | review | compilation | Lollipop

Might As Well... Can't Dance

by Scott Hefflon

This is Adeline's eighth release, I think, so don't feel bad if the name's only slightly familiar. Billy Joe's label, btw, and eclectic like that fucker. While some tracks here are, ya know, the kinda punk that only matters if you know the guys (otherwise it's just more of the same), the best songs are those that either take a tired style and remind ya how fresh and cool it once was, or better yet, tread territory few even dare dream of. Not that music history is being written here or nuthin', but some of these bands were obviously weaned on more than just a straight diet of punk, and their output is all the more dynamic because of it. Let's face it, punk bands that are based on punk bands' influence continuously weaken the mix, dig? So there's some "Yeah, I listened to American roots, what the fuck of it?" and plenty of punk snarl for you true grit fans. There's dirty pop, boogie'n'stumble, garage zing, and even a dash of Jim Morrison in here, so as the title states, might as well... Shakin' their thing: Dillinger Four, Common Rider, Lifter Puller, Enemies, The Influents, The Frustrators, Free Beer (old joke that this'd make a great band name: imagine seeing it on a club marque or flyer), One Man Army, The Thumbs, Samiam, The Criminals, Fetish, God Hates Computers, Pinhead Gunpowder, The One Time Angels.


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