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Free Bee | Tooth & Nail | review | compilation | Lollipop


(Tooth & Nail)
by Tim Den

This here comp samples Tooth & Nail's expanding roster of rock bands that stretch over many genres. I guess Starflyer 59 (one of my faves) was too mellow to make this thing, huh? Too bad. Let's see… you have your "street punk" in Squad Five-O, your melodic "emopunk" (ha-ha) in Ace Troubleshooter (awesome new addition), The Juliana Theory (yuk), and Ghoti Hook, technical/faster Face To Face and ever reliable Slick Shoes, experimental electronic hardcore AP2, and successors-to-Far, Embodyment. Most of the comp is full of melodic punk (or "modern" versions of it, meaning kinda watered-down), showing what the label has been working on for the past year or more. A nice platter of everything they've got. Others: Fanmail, Fine China, 3rd Root, Calibretto 13, Shorthanded, The Deluxtone Rockets, Off The Record, Element 101, The Deadlines.


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