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Uranium 235 | Cultural Minority | review | electro | Lollipop

Uranium 235

Cultural Minority (Mystic)
by Scott Hefflon

You gotta love it: dancable industrial masking a penchant for pop songwriting. Sex, drugs, and mediocre dance music, huh? This stuff is so simple to make, it's no wonder everyone's in multiple bands, all selling less in total than one KMFDM record, whose total sales probably equal one NIN record. K? Part spooky Mansonisms, part, I dunno, catchy Republica (remember "Ready to Go," which later became a car commercial as does everything?), Uranium 235 is no better or worse than anyone else, but they have a hot chick in the band, a lot of pounding drums and grinding guitars, and if they're "lucky" enough to get on a Crow soundtrack or Ozzfest tour, kids'll love 'em like Pixie Stix.
(442 West 49th St. New York, NY 10019)  

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