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Hotrods and Honeysuckle
by Scott Hefflon

I hear this five-song EP is supposed to be released on Sympathy for the Record Industry with a few extra tracks. I caught Tuuli covering "Girls, Girls, Girls" on Dwell's Indulgence, Inc: A Tribute to Mötley Crüe, and it became my favorite track on the comp. Surprisingly, their own material is a little more touching Joan Jett balladry, but when they switch over to the "Do You Wanna Touch Me There" raunchy rock, that's when my, um, ears perk up. While perhaps it's just the mix of this demo, the parts here don't quite flow together, sounding kinda like each member played their part individually for the session. In other words, there's little playing off each other or any kind of group hug feeling. But that's probably just a young band's demo, ya know? There's a Primitives feel here, or for you youngsters, think a more '50s/less punk Donnas. Simple yet sweet, and for a demo, you can tell you'll be hearing more from these cuties.
(PO Box 60075 300 N. Service Rd. Oakville, Ontario L6M 3M2 Canada)


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