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The Stereo

New Tokyo is Calling (Fueled By Ramen)
by Tim Den

I pray the rumors aren't true: that The Stereo, one of the best power pop bands today, has called it quits on the eve of their tour for this new EP. It would be a tragedy of Greek proportions if the world is denied the chance to hear this amazing outfit that should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Weezer and Foo Fighters. If you haven't gotten my point yet, The Stereo fucking kick ass! My roommate played nothing but their full-length debut, Three Hundred, on his boombox for an entire summer.

New Tokyo is Calling is The Stereo's first release to feature a full band (the full-length had mainman Jamie Woolford playing almost all the instruments), and new guitarist Erik Hanson (who replaced Rory [guitarist/vocalist/songwriter who returned to his original band, The Impossibles] only to quit right after the EP's completion), and even though it only contains four songs, it's every bit as potent as the full-length. Pounding rhythms of the most rocking kind, harmonies of pure '80s potency, and cavity-inducing sweetness all around. While the possibility of such a combo resulting in cheese might plague lesser units, The Stereo make it da bomb. And since Weezer still hasn't gotten their act together for a third record, I'd dare say that no other band matches The Stereo's "pop" majesty. Hungry for real songs? Crank up The Stereo!
(PO Box 12563 Gainesville, FL 32604)

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