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Thee Michelle Gun Elephant | Casanova Snake | review | rock | Lollipop

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

Casanova Snake (Triad)
by Jon Sarre

Don't expect to hear the shudderings of the recording studio collapsin' around 'em as Thee Michelle Gun Elephant run thru the fifteen songs of this record. They don't kick out their lock'n'lorr jams the way their countrymen Guitar Wolf or Teengenerate have been known to, but Thee Elephant smoke in a similar, albeit tighter, Headcoats-meets-Ramones-if-they'd-grown-up-in-the-fifties-instead-of-the-early-seventies sorta way. I hear they're big stars in Japan, which is a good thing, cuz people who play music like this oughtta be big stars somewhere, even if that somewhere is Spain or Belgium. In fact, it's actually probably better to be big stars in the place where yer from, cuz then you can flip off all those high school teachers who always said ya'd never go anywhere when ya see 'em in the supermarket and then buy 'em a pink Cadillac, then after that you can take all yer groupies to the department store and shoot out a whole display window of TVs, just cuz ya can. Different rules apply to you, pal!
(580 Broadway #301 New York, NY 10012)


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