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Starlight Mints | Dream that Stuff Was Made Of | review | indie | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Starlight Mints

The Dream that Stuff Was Made Of (SeeThru)
by Tim Den

In the bio's own words, Starlight Mints strive to "find the melody with the odd note." I couldn't've said it better myself. This band is a perfect example of why pop with string arrangements, quirky lyrics, weird sound effects, and baroque progressions will never go out of style. The Dream that Stuff Was Made Of, aside from sounding frightening like a cross between Pavement's singing/ melodies/randomness and The Pixies choppy drum/guitar dealing, is one superb pop album. Forget the new XTC, here's the new generation of "bedroom songwriting" (as the band's guitarist/vocalist Allan Vest calls it). The ever-present, ever-clever string section alone will be enough to hook you.  

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