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Sergio Vega | Ray Martin Sessions | review | metal | Lollipop

Sergio Vega

The Ray Martin Sessions (Grape OS)
by Tim Den

Anyone thinking that this is going to sound like Quicksand will be sorry. Ex-Quicksand and once-temporary Deftones bassist (not to mention contributions to Project Kate and his own thang, Fully) Sergio Vega is discovering that playing pop rock songs a la Elliott Smith and The Byrds is much more liberating and fun than catering to them knuckleheads, so fuck y'all and your hooded sweatshirts. What he lacks in singing ability, Vega makes up for with positive energy and a lively stage presence (I've never seen anyone so happy and animated on stage). Bringing along guitarist Chris Traynor (ex-Orange 9mm, ex-Helmet) and fellow ex-Quicksand (also ex-Seaweed, ex-Beyond, and ex-Burn) drummer Alan Cage (who joined after the recording of The Ray Martin Sessions), Vega not only proves that there is life after "chug-chug-breakdown-mosh part," but that light-hearted humor ("Old School Beatdown") and joyous melodies go a long way.
(332 Bleeker St. PMB K42 New York, NY 10014)  

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