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Samantha 7 | review | rock | Lollipop

Samantha 7

by Scott Hefflon

Ex-Poison guitarist/asshole C.C. DeVille returns as singer/guitarist for this straight rock surprise. Without the trappings of glam, ya realize C.C. sounds pretty rock with a bedroom guitar sound and a completely different set of clichés to drive into the ground. "I'm a product of '70s AM radio," in his distinctly "I grew up in New York and I've smoked an awful lot of cigarettes" voice. The simple pleasure of guitar hooks and big choruses is the theme that mixes sunshine guitar pop and, um, Squeeze. There's a bit of doubt and humility post-glam and facing the larger context of great pop, and it's that appreciation that makes Samantha 7 worth checking out.  

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