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The Death of Quickspace (Matador)
by Jon Sarre

Lies revealed and ya heard it here first! Don't fall for it again! Nah, I ain't talkin' 'bout Quickspace, this is the shit! Hear ye, hear ye, ya hear the fruition of every cool dream Steve Malkmus' ever had. You've probably had some of those dreams, too. Man, I know Quickspace has! For that, we're all the luckier, 'specially if you're one of those people who dream in black&white. Check out these lyrics in Quickspace's "Climbing a Hill": "You fucking bitch/ I think that men need You fucking bitch Nah, let 'em all choke on me You fucking bitch Let the Elephant 6 collective save 'em You fucking bitch What the fuck do we need those gashes for in the first fuckin' place anyhow?"

Now, what this is all about, 'sides a really clunky sense of "rhyme scheme" (outright post-modern, says me) and mebbe a slight dash of misogyny, is nuthin' less than fuggin' freedom! These people are completely unafraid to take chances with language and musak. Fuckin' right Quickspace should be big stars! You should fucking buy this fucking record and all the others. Then you should take a bath... with yer toaster.
(625 Broadway, 12th floor New York, NY 10012)  

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