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OS101 | Pura Vida | review | hardcore | Lollipop


Pura Vida (Victory)
by TIm Den

Even though I've had it up to here with old school hardcore, there's just no way I can diss on OS101's positivity. It's not everyday that you see hardcore veterans smiling and living life like it's the greatest thing, you know? The bio says to "think beach and surf" when you listen to Pura Vida, and seeing as I've been to the Jersey shore that spun these guys, I'm not gonna have any problems with that! For anyone who's dying to feel the way hardcore first made you feel when you were a kid (7 Seconds, Descendents, etc.). Check out "No Clue" for some sweet harmonies.
(PO Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)  

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