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Nasum | Human 2.0 | review | metal | Lollipop


Human 2.0 (Relapse)
by Tim Den

Is it any wonder that Barney from Napalm Death recommends this band to almost everyone he knows? Nasum is everything the big man loves about grindcore: fast, shredding, full of blast beats, multi-vocal yelping/growling, squeezed through a giant garage fuzz box so that even the pubes on the album buzz. Nasum do their thing the classic way, From Enslavement To Obliteration/that-one-Repulsion-record style. Ugly, pouring over with ooze, and each song over in just about a minute (most songs, anyway). And unlike many of their forefathers, Nasum can play in synch with each other (one of the benefits of being a grind/metal band of the new millennium is that you've got all the old, sloppily-played albums to teach you the dos-and-don'ts), which makes it all the more devastating. Be still my jaded, old school heart. If you're old enough to remember what it was like to blast Scum and savor the splitting headache after the disc's twenty-something "tunes," you're in luck.
(PO Box 2060 Upper Darby, PA 19082)


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