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We are Motörhead (International)
by Martin Popoff

It ain't about change with Motörhead, but I detect something cleaner but ironically meaner about this one, Lemmy and Co. sounding snapped tight, less buzzing bass, but as always driven into the bursting heart of live dynamic through the drum dominance of Mikkey Dee. The production's moved a half-step away from the band's signature sound, but the material is as wild-punching rat-faced nasty as the last four rounders, to a man, stellar albums that have not gotten their bloody due. The band include an adequate cover of the Pistols' "God Save The Queen," which, to my mind, is too predictable a song and similarly so the arrangement and energy level. Just something for the journalists and fans to talk about, nothing more. Highlights are many, including frantic opener "See Me Burning," rhythmic puzzle "Wake The Dead," and something carnal in between the two, "(Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve." Curiously lame: "We Are Motörhead," which Lemmy should've realized is as dull as all those early "classics" he now finds "a bit ropey." Conclusion? When Motörhead admit they're a metal band and write accordingly, no one can stop them. All three conspirators rock too hard. When they want to be cool and act punk, their songs are as uneventful as punk songs. Simple.  

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