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Michael J Sheehy | Sweet Blue Gene | review | rock | Lollipop

Michael J. Sheehy

Sweet Blue Gene (Beggars Banquet)
by Jon Sarre

"Jeee-z-ussss, my feet are killin' me!" are the first words ya hear on Michael J. Sheehy's, ex-lead singer of Homer's Homeric Hombres, debut solo album. It's no wonder why he's singin' that, yer corns'n'bunions'n'lower digets'd ache too if ya had just lugged a sixty pound wooden cross from E. Belfast, Northern Ireland to the Holy Land, yeah, that's right, all the way to the West Bank and back, Jack, on a promotional tour! What Leonard Cohen or Beck Hanson or Charles Manson might do for a bald-faced publicity stunt, Michael J. Sheehy does for that and something deeply personal that is best explained in the course of listening to this deeply personally affectin' record. Kicks, too, one could say he'd do it just for kicks! But check out these great songs here, any and everyone of 'em. Log on to the website, too, you'll be happy you did. This guy is on it! One tough Jesuit!
(580 Broadway St. #1004 New York, NY 10012)


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