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Jimmy Eat World

Singles (Doghouse)
by Tim Den

As the indie rock world impatiently waits for these four geniuses to write and record a new album for a new label that'll surely surpass everyone's expectations (as usual), those of us bad with 45s have been blessed with Singles. Collecting tracks from old 7"s, splits, and random compilation tracks, Singles is the product of incessant fan bickering and complaints about "why don't we know that one old song you played the other night" and "how come I can't get your old material?" Though uneven because of the different studios, time periods, and the band's ever-progressing mentality/tastes, Singles puts together some fine crowd favorites from way back. "Opener" (from Deep Elm's Emo Diaries Chapter One and an old 7"), "77 Satellites," "What I Would Say to You Now" (one of my faves), "H Model"... and the list goes on. There are even two covers: Duran Duran's "New Religion" and "Spangle" (the latter previously only available on the Songs for the Broken Hearted comp). Clarity this is not, but I'll take anything from Jimmy Eat World any day. My only complaint: Why only one song from the first 7"? We want to hear the old school, pop-punk Jimmy Eat World - warts and all - too, damn it!!
(325 Huntington Ave. #24 Boston, MA 02115)  

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