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Horace Pinker | Copper Regret | review | punk | Lollipop

Horace Pinker

Copper Regret (Coldfront)
by Tim Den

Horace Pinker has always been denied their moment, which should be all the time by the sound of this new EP (the first featuring ex-Jawbreaker Chris Bauermeister). I could ramble on about what this sounds like, but it's pretty much the best elements of West Coast sweetness (even though they're from the Midwest): Samiam, Knapsack, The Tank, old Gameface, you get the gist. The harmonies on every song are clever, tight, and so fucking rip-roarin' that you swear it tore the roof off your house. Holy shit can these guys sing. The drive and rawk of it all isn't compromised by the beauty of the thing either, wouldn't ya know it. Someone stop me from playing this. On second thought, don't.
(PO Box 8345 Berkley, CA 94707)  

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