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Incipit Satan (Nuclear Blast)
by Paul Lee

They used to be focused on creating raw, abrasive and melodic black metal, but on their most recent offering, Gorgoroth have added some experimentation and lost some of their focus. Incipit Satan, Gorgoroth's fifth album, displays their black metal prowess but doesn't match the chaotic intensity of their last insane opus, Destroyer, or any of their past releases.

Incipit Satan is similar to Destroyer with its balance of brutality and intense harmony but branches out more with a touch of electronic dabbling. The title track and the experimental instrumental, "Will To Power," have subtle and simple use of keyboards and effects but lack real complexity and depth. The other six songs are more typical of Gorgoroth and keep to their eerie and violent brand of black metal.

Overall, Incipit Satan is a somewhat challenging album that proves that Gorgoroth can still produce some unique Norwegian metal, yet they aren't in the same league as true masters like Immortal or Darkthrone. Though their basic use of electronics may turn some fans away, at least Gorgoroth show that they aren't satisfied with rehashing their formula. In the future, if they fully integrate the technology with their primitive attack, they may be a formidable force to be reckoned with.
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