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Gorefest | Chapter 13 | review | metal | Lollipop


Chapter 13 (SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

Fuckin' shame, this... A once brutal band who can't seem to admit to themselves that that's what they are. With a name like this, the denial is as obvious as Metallica or Megadeth (among many others). Or Buckcherry, who I wish'd just say, "OK, we loved Warrant." While there're grooves and growling all over Chapter 13, it just stinks of Saddam Hussein on South Park claiming "I can change! I can change! (Just please don't drop us!)." You can hear Meshuggah, Motörhead, In Flames, Entombed, New Orleans sludge, and far too many respectable bands and genres being dragged through the muck while Gorefest tries to appeal to your senses, and the whole thing reeks of insincerity. You can almost hear them cry, "What do you want from us, we'll do it!" And that makes me sick, no matter how good this cover band may sound.

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