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Gidget Gein | Confessions of a Spooky Kid | review | rock | Lollipop

Gidget Gein

Confessions of a Spooky Kid
by Scott Hefflon

The sticker on the front (and before you ask, my copy came signed, it's not like I asked, K?) brags ex-members of Marilyn Manson and Black Sabbath. Gidget Gein was the original bassist in Marilyn Manson. The drummer used to be in Rainbow and Black Sabbath, but I don't recognize the name. And I have every Sabbath album that matters and a few that don't. Simply put, Gidget likes photo sessions more than writing songs. Sure, there are riffs (strolling, sophomore-year guitarist stuff), but no songs. Maybe they're going for that NY glam thing, but to these ears, this is just a semi-known bassist jamming on bad songs with fellow has-beens. If these guys opened for someone good, I'd make sure to show up late.
(PO Box 323 Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522)  

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