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Garbage Pail

Movies Combinations

by Scott Hefflon
illustrations by Michael Corcoran and Ans and Rick Mackin

  • Three Kings and a Baby
  • She's All That Thing You Do
  • X-Men Meet in Joe Black
  • Who's Deconstructing Harry Crumb?
  • The Night We Never Met at Big Momma's House
  • One Crazy Summer of Sam
  • Who's that Girl Interrupted?
  • For the Love of Him Getting Game
  • Hoop Life of Brian
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight of the Living Dead
  • Any Given Sunday of the Dead Poet Society
  • The Quick and the Dead Man Walking
  • Bringing Out the Dead Man Walking
  • As Good as it Gets Shorty
  • Ghosts of the Mississippi Burning
  • White Man Can't Jump Jack Flash Gordon
  • Bad Girls Interrupted
  • It's Different for Two Beautiful Showgirls and a Guy
  • Full Metal Jackie Brown
  • Action Jackie Brown
  • Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Father of the Bride of Frankenstein
  • Gone Fishin' in 60 Seconds
  • Being Maurie Povich


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