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Frankie Machine

One (Mammoth)
by Scott Hefflon

Like Foo Fighters and Cheap Trick? Try Frankie Machine. I'm wildly suspicious of L.A.-based bands who debut on majors/minors-with-major-funding (and it don't get much more major than Disney, does it?), so I was pleasantly surprised to find a pretty thoroughly consistent record here. While some might find the modernization of Cheap Trick's style nothing special (it's a little heavier, but sure ain't metal, dig?), to find a band that keeps it interesting song after song - scary when that's a rarity - well, in a world of lowered expectations, that's something. And seeing as this is a debut, these guys might learn to write more interesting verses to match their big, catchy choruses if we encourage the lads. It's said that there's a bit of Midwest in here, but the "major" production kinda cleans up the dust, ya know? Faves are the first few (natch): "Sell Me," "Surveillance," "2nd Guess" and "50/50."
(101 B Street Carrboro, NC 27510)  

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