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Endless | With Everything Against Us | review | hardcore | Lollipop


With Everything Against Us (Da Core)
by Tim Den

Talk about confusion. This is not the Boston-based (now defunct) Beatle-punks or the Canadian atmosphere-metal band (signed to Pavement Music), but a third band under the moniker Endless. They're from Pennsylvania and play metalcore with more than a dash of early "polka beat" stuff. I guess naming off influences and comparisons in this case would be redundant, because all this stuff's pretty understood. Hatebreed without the small doses of technicalities, Blood For Blood without the thug attitude, Gorilla Biscuits except a lot angrier and more prone to playing "chug-chug-chug"s. Screamy type of vocals make the whole thing easier to digest than the Earth Crisis fart-growls.
(347 Grove St. McKees Rocks, PA 15136)

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