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In Here We Fall (Arista)
by Scott Hefflon

Most BritPop sounds like Oasis to me. And if it's more electronica-oriented, well, I dislike it even more. But Electrasy has a handful of top-notch, powerhouse pop songs, a ballad or two (mostly loud/soft stuff, but one closing with the kind of pained tantrum Reznor now drives into the ground), and a few other oddities showing that they're more than just another knock-off. And while the mixture of white rap and keyboards reminds me of Pop Will Eat Itself and Urban Dance Squad (or whatever, I don't want to think about it too much), I've liked select output of each band because, well, it transcended the cheese. And that's what a half dozen cuts on In Here We Fall do: they go beyond the "great, another ballad" limitations and impress you as well-written songs. Guitarist Nigel Nisbet co-wrote the Titan A.E. soundtrack with Glen Ballard including "Cosmic Castaway" which appears here. The single making its way into your consciousness is the touching "Morning Afterglow," and an added bonus is a jam-packed, innovative look at Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused."  

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