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Einherjer | Norwegian Native Art | review | metal | Lollipop


Norwegian Native Art (Native North)
by Paul Lee

One spin of Norwegian Native Art and I was struck by how fiercely proud Einherjer are of their Vikings ancestors. They've continued to hone their metal since their impressive debut, Dragons of the North, in 1995 and 1997's Odin Owns Ye All. Einherjer have their own take on Viking metal and sound different from fellow Norwegians Enslaved and death metal Vikings Amon Amarth (of Sweden). Their metal is saturated with triumphant vibes and Nordic folk melodies done as only proud Scandinavians can.

Combining epic and grandiose melodies performed on keyboards that mimic strings and horns with aggressive guitar assaults (but more subdued than either black or death metal) and some acoustic guitar, Einherjer's music is powerful. With rousing choruses that make me want to sway a flagon of ale back and forth, these Norwegians create a sense of ancient glory for the modern world. The vocals alternate between low chanting and some deathly growls with a touch of sweet female vocals in a few of the songs.

Despite a promo photo that shows Einherjer with blood-spattered faces and scowls, Norwegian Native Art is filled with songs that are less about anger and more about faith and pride in their Viking culture. With killer production courtesy of famed producer/King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque, these five Norwegians have released an amazing testament to the triumphs of the Viking hordes.
(Skillebekkgt, 45A-N-5522 Haugesund, Norway)

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