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Drowningman | Rock and Roll Killing Machine | review | metal | Lollipop


Rock and Roll Killing Machine (Revelation)
by Tim Den

My annoyance with bands claiming to be "rock'n'roll" increases... Sorry Drowningman, you came at the wrong time. Sure, I admire your ability to blow through a ton of tom-toms and tapestries of pull-offs, but you sound just like every other noisecore band. Not better, not worse, just regular noisecore. And that, my friends, is not enough to put you on the same level as Today Is The Day or Coalesce (and we sure as hell don't need more thoughtless math metal. One Dillinger Escape Plan is enough), and especially not enough for you to claim to be "rock'n'roll." Look up Turbonegro, Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, The Spaceshits, and Gaza Strippers and call me back.
(PO Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)  

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