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7" Reviews #53

7" Reviews

by Jon Sarre

Loose Lips
“Two Time Loser” b/w “Doll Face”/“Slow Death” (TKO)
Side one ain’t the best I’ve heard from these Bay Area junk rock lifers, but s’alright, cuz they’re New York Dolls fans with the decency to not try and dress like ’em. Guitarist/voxist Shane White (ex of The Rip Offs, among others) is, in my book, a better songwriter than other guitar player, Justin Schenberg (who penned the A side), so White’s lazy Ramones gone dirge-speed (with hooks!) updated for a world where everything pre’n’post punk has been done to fuckin’ death (so mebbe it’s Phil Spector, too) win hands down. Yeah, the flip is just fine.
(4104 24th St #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)

The Candy Snatchers
“Survival of the Fittest” b/w “Suffragette City” (Coldfront)
Primo Candy Snatcher raunch’n’roll wallow, rougher than ground-up rusty nails in yer coke, perhaps Matthew Odietus is reachin’ higher than the gutter on his solos, but the rest of the band is securely blacked-out down there and, nah, they probably don’t remember recordin’ their fucked up cover of Bowie’s “Suffragette City.” Good thing, too.
(PO Box 8345 Berkeley, CA 94707)

New Wave Hookers
“Not Even A Virgin” b/w “Thunderbird” (Junk)
My friend Brian Zipper ran this combo into the ground with revolvin’ door lead guitarists and singers (at the end there) before wisely callin’ it quits recently. The stuff keeps a comin’ tho’, all of it, like these two songs, product of the original line-up/Alan Maly era, gems from the vaults. I think I know the cover model, too

Frigg A-Go-Go
“Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto” (Scooch Pooch)
Sorta feel cheated here as the Friggers only bothered to put one song on this friggin’ 7”, a holiday song, no less, the plot of which can be sussed from the title (and is the “J. Brown” in the composin’ credit James Brown?). The sentiment expressed in the song, tho’, makes me wish we could all love mankind like Frigg A-Go-Go does. Ha ha ha ha.
(5850 West 3rd St #209 Los Angeles, CA 90036)

“Truth Hurts” b/w “Fallen Angel” (TKO)
“Whoh heyyyy!” Sounds like Rancid who sound like Stiff Little Fingers. Yeah, it’s catchy. You might like it. Depends what yer usedta.

The Onyas
...Three more hits from The Onyas (Junk)
Hi-oct Auzzies who sing like they’re real bored as only thug-rockers from platypi-land can... The musak’s fast’n’loose in the well-known (to me, anyway) Junk vein. Nice cover, too. Photos of daisy(chains) always grab the buyers by the shorts, even if that buyer is Andrea Dworkin.
(7071 Warner Ave F-736 Huntington Beach, CA 92647)

Fuck You Punx Vol II (Blue Moon)
Points for attitude, that and one live Zeke cut (“Chive Knieval”) and one Jon Cougar Concentration Camp (“It’s the Flavor”) will get ya smoke-out from some band called The Eight Bucks Experiment and another one from some people who call ’emselves The Confessions. Fuck you, too.
(2075 University Blvd #264 Denver, CO 80210)

The Spitfires
Slick Black Cat (Junk)
This has been out for a while’n’sounds like pre-In Too Deep Again stuff, so it’s slightly rawer than that newer disc, which is a plus when yer dealin’ with a band like The Spitfires (who are best experienced live, really). They don’t really run thru the numbers anymore radically than yer usual buncha four-chord blow-hards, but I like these boys’ moxie. Their panache, too.

John P. Strom and Sonny SixKiller
Super Heroes of Rock Team Up (Vital Cog)
Super Hero #1 is a boring indie-rocker – don’t see what’s so super ’bout that. Superhero #2, Sonny SixKiller, is, unsurprisingly, also a boring indie rocker (or probably like John P. Strom, more properly labeled a “boring indie rock band”). The single I have is number 954 out of a limited pressing of 1,000. I’ll trade this record for damn near anything. You name it.
(PO Box 7846 Princeton, NJ 08543)

Lower Class Brats
“Glam Bastard” b/w “Live For Today” (TKO)
“Weird Al” would be pleased as punch with this parody of Mott the Hoople’s “All the Way to Memphis.” If it were funny, that is. Mebbe that’s why Lower Class Brats figure “All the young dudes... are pissed,” no jokes’ll do that to ya. The B-side is more of the same, but a “proper” cover (but not “sha la la let’s live for today”).

Reducers SF
“No Control” b/w “Never Find Me” (TKO)
More great “street punk” for the liberty spike crowd (if they can pan up the necessary silver). Wow, since first-wave Oi had so much goin’ for it back in England, where at least it made a bita sense, it should be at least twice as irrelevant here in the States. Know what?
It is.


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