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Super Charger Hell | Tribute to White Zombie | review | metal | compilation | Lollipop

Super-Charger Hell

A Tribute to White Zombie (Dwell)
by Chaz Thorndike

Well, they missed on this one! White Zombie, and head terrorist/silly man, Rob Zombie have always been about pushing the absurdity factor to such comic book heights, it transcends its inherent stupidity. That's a good thing... At its core, most White/Rob Zombie songs are pretty, ya know, simple. It's the layering of B-movie samples, tits'n'death, and good ol' over-the-top schock that makes even the dumbest song an anthem for the estranged. You think yer life sucks and everyone's gettin' on yer ass? Well, crank up some shit-stomping, dread-waving, dirt-caked terror-a-go-go and flail about as hideous aliens tear your elders limb from limb and disembowel your neighbor's annoying dog, while big boobied, heavily-tattooed, chain-smoking bitches whip and beat everyone in their path, trying to find a real man who'll satisify their insatiable lust... And there you are. Fantasy like a comic book, but no one has to wear faggy tights.

Super-Charger Hell? It missed the point. Most of the bands sound like halfway decent metal bands who might be good on their own terms, but they just can't match the gory'n'glory of the almighty Zombie. High-octane thunderchargers: Anarchuz, Habeas Corpus, Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Lesser Known, Scary German Guy, Catch22, Mind Phaser, Shallows of the Mundane, Disarray, Shockwerks, Daemos, and Broke Box.


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